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LAMDA Teacher Training

Becoming a LAMDA Teacher means placing your trust in the trusted LAMDA curriculum and teaching your students first-rate speech and drama training.

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What is LAMDA Teacher Training?

The Lighthouse Teacher Training program offers an in-depth teaching of the complete LAMDA syllabi and gives valuable tips, insights into how to deliver lessons. We also go over what pieces would be suitable for what Grade, discuss any recent syllabus changes and look at some brilliant warm-ups and exercises and demonstrate how these games are not only fun, but teach students essential performance skills in each subject area.

Why do LAMDA Teacher Training?

Whether you are an established teacher, teaching assistant, drama enthusiast but new to the delivery of course content, Lighthouse will provide you with thorough training and support to ensure a high standard of teaching the LAMDA syllabus to students at many levels.

How is the LAMDA Teacher Training Taught?

The training takes place over a one-off workshop which covers all syllabi and how best to deliver the content. Lighthouse will also offer ongoing support to anyone who trains with us, offering advice and reinforcement or “Top Up” of everything taught on the training day

What kind of LAMDA Teacher Training do we offer?

Trainees will study the delivery of the following subjects:
Communication Syllabi
• Speaking in Public
• Speaking Verse and Prose
• Reading for Performance
Performance syllabi
• Acting
• Devising
• Mime
Group Syllabi
• Choral Speaking
• Group Recital
• Acting
• Musical Theatre
• Devising
Musical Theatre Syllabi
Shakespeare Syllabi